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Hi there! Please check if we are able to answer your questions below.

Alternatively, you may email us at [email protected] or message us on Facebook - we will respond within 24 hours! :)

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What are the Macbook models available for your Candy Shields?

  • Macbook PRO 13" non-retina display
  • Macbook PRO 13" retina display
  • Macbook PRO 15" non-retina display
  • Macbook PRO 15" retina display
  • Macbook AIR 11" (all non-retina)
  • Macbook AIR 13" (old and new models)
  • Macbook 12" (all retina)
  • New Macbook without Touch Bar 13"
  • New Macbook with Touch Bar 13"
  • New Macbook with Touch Bar 15"

If you are unsure of your model, please check out our model guide here.

Do you have cases for White Macbooks?

We don't have have cases for white macbooks on hand but we accept pre-order, meaning you will receive the product 2 weeks after you deposit the payment.

Our case for white macbooks are available only for the following models: MC516 MC207 A1342.

Since the production of white Macbooks have stopped already, the price of the white Macbook cases from our supplier is more expensive. So it's priced at P850 - just the case. We don't have any keyboard protectors or dust plugs available for white Macbooks.

Do you have cases/accessories for other laptops like Acer or HP or Samsung?

No cases as of now, but we have laptop sleeves and laptop bags that fit non-Macbooks :)

How much are your Candy Shields?

You may refer to our rates in the order form:

Value Bundles

  • Bundle #1 (Case + Keyboard Protector) = P900
  • Bundle #2 (Case + Keyboard Protector + Wrist Guard) = P1,200
  • Bundle #3 (Case + Keyboard Protector + Wrist Guard + Laptop Sleeves) = P1,700

A la Carte or bought individually

  • Case = P750
  • Keyboard Protector = P290
  • Dust Plugs = P150
  • Wrist Guard = P400
  • Laptop Sleeve = P600
  • Laptop Bag = P600


  • Upgrade to Printed Case = +P450 on your case or bundle
  • Upgrade to Marble Case = +P200 on your case or bundle

What is the material and texture of the case?

The Macbook case is similar to Speck. It is hard plastic. Solid-colored and marble cases have a matte or satin finish.

What is a wrist guard?

The wrist guard is a thick silver (almost camouflages) sticker that you place in the wrist area of your mac to prevent that area from getting scratches :)

Here's the wrist guard in action:

For comparison, this was my old mac before which did not have a wrist guard:

Do your cases have an Apple logo hole at the top cover?

None, to prevent also the dust from coming in :)

Do you have a physical store?

None, we are just an online store. But you can pick-up your order from Better Living Paranaque if you want. Search “Candy Shield” in Google Maps to know the exact location. Kindly email [email protected] to ask for details.

Do you do meet-ups?

No, we just do shipping to the whole Philippines.

Where do you deliver?

To the whole Philippines - to Metro Manila, Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Can my package be shipped to an LBC center?

No. Our courier partners Xpost and J&T currently don't allow delivery to LBC branches. Kindly indicate a non-LBC branch as address instead.

Do you have a shipping fee? How much?

Yes. Php100 - for Metro Manila. Php180 - for Provincial (Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao).

These are the rates of Xpost and J&T.

What are the modes of payment (MOP)?

COD, BPI deposit, BDO deposit, Paypal, and Cebuana Lhuiller. The details (like account name, account number or city) will be sent along with the Order Receipt as soon as you send your order.

Do you have other banks like Metrobank? Can we send payment through LBC?

Unfortunately, no… We only have BPI and BDO as bank and only Cebuana Lhuiller as alternative mode of payment.

Do you do Cash on Delivery (COD)?

Yes, we have COD nationwide. Our courier partner for COD is Xpost.

Also, choosing this payment option will incur an additional of P50 fee. This is because of the additional fee Xpost charges for COD.

What is your courier?

Our courier is Xpost for COD and provincial orders, and J&T for non-COD Metro Manila orders.

How soon can you send the package / how long does shipping take?

We operate only during business days (Monday-Friday)

If you pay on business day 1, your package will be picked up from our house on business day 2, then count on the number of shipping days will start on day 3.

For Metro Manila, shipping takes 1-3 business days. For outside Metro Manila, shipping takes 3-5 business days.

Ex: You are from Metro Manila. You send your proof of payment to [email protected] on Thursday. Your package will be picked up from our house on Friday. Soonest you will receive it is on Monday, latest on Wednesday.

Do you have wholesaler packages for bulk orders for reselling Candy Shield?

Yes. Kindly send an email to [email protected] and we will respond to you in private.